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Does your site load slowly? You will find out why

Site load speed is a very important parameter of quality, but unfortunately it is not enough attention to date. Increasing online sales is aimed at improving website design, creating effective sales texts, investing in truly expensive advertising. Website Speed ​​Optimization is a very important.

However, the reason for poor website performance may not be there – the slow load speed is the secret killer of patience and Google search ranking.

Research shows that delaying your site to a browser in 1 second can reduce sales (conversions) by 7% . Get to know the information that will help you to say goodbye to slow website problems forever.

The consequences of slow site loading

The problem of slow web site loading occurs in two main aspects. First of all, long-haul sites face a bounce rate problem. Visitors usually leave the site and go to another if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load.

Recent Google research shows that with a page load speed of 1 to 3 seconds, the likelihood that visitors will leave the page will increase by 32%, from 90 seconds to 1 to 5 seconds, to 123% by 10 seconds . So the value of each second is the potential customers given to competitors.

On the other hand, the loading speed also has a significant impact on Google’s search engine robots. Google ranks pages as one of the most important parameters when ranking pages. Experience shows that slow site loading greatly reduces your chances of getting good positions in Google search results.

Slow website loading reasons

The reasons behind the slowness of the website are varied. However, our long-standing experience has shown that this is a sign that the site has not been subject to internal code optimization. The most common causes are:

  • Non-optimized scripts;
  • Non-optimized CSS and JS files;
  • Incorrect CSS and JS file order;
  • Error 404 page;
  • Not using the Cache function;
  • Non-optimized sites on the server.

The speed of loading of competitor sites

Even if you do everything right, a new competitor in the market can take some of your users. In addition to focusing on the quality and development of content, you should always monitor your competitors. The example below shows the speed of site loading compared to competitors.

If you would like to find out the speed of your competitors’ website loading compared to your website, send us an inquiry via email and we will be able to provide you with detailed information in the video format. Write your website address and two competitor website addresses in the email.

What do I do to increase the speed of site infection?

Large investments in a website may not pay off if insufficient website speeds become the mysterious detail that will prevent a website from performing its job effectively – including visitors and interest in the information provided. So we present the tools to speed ​optimization your site and increase the speed of infection.

Optimization of JS and CSS files

In order to increase the speed of your website, you need to optimize your JS and CSS files by removing all unnecessary items – comments, blank spaces, and unnecessary characters. This makes it possible for the browser to download and display the site data faster, so the site is accelerating.

Reducing the number of loading processes

When a site is opened in a phone or computer browser, the file loading process takes place. Often, site creators are not fully familiar with the factors that determine the speed of a site, and therefore create non-optimized sites with a high volume of load. A site consisting of 10 files is likely to load much faster than a site with 200 files. The point is that browsers can only load a certain number of files at a time, so the smaller the number of files being transferred, the faster the site load.

The number of load-bearing processes is also reduced by customizing the site for mobile devices. In this case, not only the number of files being loaded is reduced, but certain blocks of information are no longer displayed. To find out if your site is mobile-friendly.

Image optimization

Excessive images or files from other sites increase the speed of site loading. It is best to use the optimum image size, so you need to reduce the size of your photos and pictures.

Removing file versioning

WordPress site templates are often created so that system files are loaded with a file version. This interferes with file caching and makes browsers send the same file from the server every time it is accessed. Therefore, to increase the speed of your site, it is recommended that you disable file versioning by installing the cache.

Installing file caching

System file caching allows you to stop sending the same file every time it is called in the browser, saving server resources and increasing the load on your website. In other words, after installing the file cach, returning to your site will already have the site files on your computer or phone, so you will see the site much faster. For example, a re-visit can reduce the number of load processes from 100 to 5, for example.

404 Troubleshooting

404 errors are links to the site’s internal page leading to nowhere. This may be a picture or file that no longer exists. These errors interfere with the site’s load processes, as the browser is still trying to re-access the non-existent file and cannot move to other site file loading. This severely interferes with the site’s loading process while extending site load time.

Server load optimization

Often the speed of site loading also depends on the quality of the server parameters and processes. That is why it is necessary to select website hosting providers responsibly when creating a website first. However, in order to get the best result, you need to do extra work – optimize server loading, i.e. Reduce server response time to less than 200ms.

Application of AMP standard

AMP is a project developed by Google related to other web giants (including Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, etc.) that focuses on the new open system AMP HTML. This system was developed using existing technologies, and its use effectively increases the speed of the site.

Use of CDN service

Website hosting on CDN servers increases the speed of downloading pictures and fonts to your browser. This is especially true when a site receives visitors from all over the world. Thanks to the CDN service, the site files will be delivered to the nearest server, which will speed up the site’s loading speed.

Increase the load on your site

There is no doubt that website speed is one of the most important parameters you should evaluate and maintain. Check the speed of your website using the Google Site Speed ​​Measurement Tool or any other, and if this setting is greater than 3 to 5 seconds, it will signal you need to take action. Website Speed ​​Optimization is a very important.

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