SEO Text Writing : Why Is It Still Important?

As soon as you get to the site, you can get an idea about the goods and the seller almost instantly. This is mainly influenced by the qualitative indicators of the site – from page speed, ease of use to visual and textual part. This time we focus on the latter – the textual part. What is it important to focus on, so that SEO texts are not only beautifully presented, but also bring added value to the consumer? This is SEO Text Writing.

How Has SEO Writing Changed?

The SEO term is perceived as working with web pages in order to adapt them not only to search engines but also to the needs of users. In simpler terms, it is about meeting the requirements of Google’s websites and helping users find exactly what they are looking for while generating sales. Texts play one of the most important roles in this case.

The textual part of the site should be given a lot of attention and because this part is visible to both the visitors of the website and Google. Other SEO works, such as site image optimization or data structuring, are not visible to the user, but they are important to Google.

SEO texts, compared to what they were at the beginning, are no longer the so-called wall of text, or more accurately they are not endless blocks of text where it is difficult to find what is important. These texts are now targeted not only at Google, but also at visitors. Only after the deepening of SEO, when Google was not yet so tight, the sites were filled with a single and bot-oriented text: it contained many matching and repetitive keywords that users used most often in their search.

Recently, SEO text writing is more about highlighting the value of a product, answering questions asked by users through search engines, and thus generating not only organic traffic to visitors, but also helping to get to the first Google results pages.

What texts are important today?

The main purposes of text creation are to help the company reach the target user, to interest it and to meet its information needs. There are 3 main types of texts that need more attention:

Meta Descriptions
They are visible in search. Meta descriptions help the targeted user quickly discover your page and the information or product you need. These types of SEO texts are short, but they have to reflect very clearly the content of the page, be attractive and encourage the internet user to click on the link.

Category Descriptions
They help the consumer to better understand the features of the product, the manufacturing process, the technology used, the benefits and thus encourage the purchase of the product. If the product exactly meets the needs of a web shop visitor, having received enough information about the benefits of the product, it may be willing to pay a little more (obviously only if the benefits justify the price).

Blog posts
The blog section allows the target audience to become more familiar with the brand, business or company values, image, and attitude. It is worth mentioning that even 70 percent. Internet users appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the company. Blog texts are targeted to specific queries, helping to improve the reputation of the page and increasing the visitor’s confidence in the site.

Why is it important to use keywords in texts?

SEO text writing is not a very complicated process, but it requires knowledge of the area described and the user experience. No matter how creatively your product or category is described, it is important that you answer the main questions your visitors are most concerned about: why should I buy it? Why should I choose this product instead of another? What is it for me?

SEO texts focus on specific queries, the user goal predictable from the keywords used in the search term. They must be included in the text, but this should be done naturally. So the subject of the text itself should be related to the keywords used. This is how the content you create will match the visitor’s search goal, and your page will appear in the results list.

A simple example is the keyword used in smart watches. It is very broad, it is difficult to understand exactly what the user is looking for. Such a search has many aspects of the product: colors, prices, operating principle, benefits… Broad keywords do not always rescue, so it is very important that SEO texts are optimized for other, similar, but more accurate, and sometimes longer keywords. For example, the functions of a smart watch. He immediately finds out that the consumer wants to go deeper into the product money, looking for a boost that encourages the purchase of the product.

SEO text writing, based on narrower keywords, attracts targeted users with specific needs to your page. However, attention should be paid to the quality of the texts. Most importantly, the text would provide the visitor with added value and respond to the query it has created.

How to force visitors to stay on the site a little longer?

Internet users are reading today by scanning text. Simply put, they are looking for essential accents and only after that decide whether the text is useful. That’s why we suggest splitting the SEO texts into paragraphs, avoiding a single block of text that almost instantly forces readers to escape from the site.

Pay attention to visual text formation:

  • divide text by dots;
  • highlight essential ideas;
  • form subtitles;
  • Avoid complex terms.

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