How do I get more comments on your website?

You are blogging, have a news portal or other web site, but you do not get back from your visitors, i.e. comments? Then our blog post is for you, read and try our suggested solutions to this problem!

Why are comments important?

First and foremost, to make wise use of the keywords that Google’s search engine finds, nothing is more useful than the “coded” keywords in your comments left by visitors to your site. After all, it is often in the annotation that people are looking for some answers, some questions, so Google can find you in the content of your site’s comments!

How do I get more comments?

First of all, make it as easy as possible to annotation on an article or other information on your website. Who can reject the wish to comment? Difficult CAPTCHA images that are difficult to decipher will certainly not appeal to your visitors, since it is much easier to comment on Facebook or Twitter profiles.

The second important stage is the place for comments. Make sure the comments section is clearly visible and invite your visitors to join or start a discussion.

If you have the ability to install a user profile, use it. Various things like profile karma, commenting, and so on will really attract the number of commentators and annotation .

Join the discussion yourself. If someone commented on your article, has questions for you, don’t wait and kindly and politely answer questions and discuss with your “guests.”

Being able to receive an email when someone comments on a annotation left by the user is also a good thing and many will really come back to see what other commentators have answered in the comment. It is especially helpful to have a “reply to comment” option, so comments can become a full-fledged dialogue and a long discussion that will probably benefit you.

So we hope these tips will help you improve your comment section status and not only get more commentators, but also get to know your visitors more!

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