The Growth Hacking methodology has been successfully applied in Silicon Valley companies for many years and has been widely spread among other modern companies in the world. Everything becomes much easier when you start to understand the Growth Hacking methodology as a process, not a set of fast, short-term tricks. Yes, this methodology is highly intertwined with modern technology, so it is very effective and, yes, it is so easy to ask yourself why you haven’t used it after these trainings.


Many foreign companies with limited marketing budgets know that they cannot play according to their rules in order to compete effectively and to overtake big market players, not just to survive on the market. When you see the posters of big market players, TV advertising and their daily success everywhere, it may seem that you must do so to become successful.


The traditional marketing methods used by the great ones really work, but only when all the channels are completely blocked by advertising on their behalf.

Traditional marketing works when you can afford to redeem all outdoor advertising stands throughout the area before opening a new store.

Traditional marketing works when you can continuously broadcast ads on TV at the best time.

Traditional marketing is suitable if you can advertise a new product in a half-year period and see that it does not buy it, “write it off” and start over.

In fact, traditional marketing has become a spot for gambling and gambling by big market players. And if you play that game according to their rules, using just a little bit of traditional marketing techniques, you simply won’t reach your goals and you will miss it. “A little” in this great game just isn’t right. Therefore, you do not need to try to copy big players when buying a TV ether, pay for “stars” and otherwise use expensive traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has become too expensive and not worth the money paid for it. Traditional marketing just became luxurious.

So without being the biggest, but doing the same, you will have wasted your budget and lost market positions against those who were smart enough to use your budget differently. Against those who use modern, measurable methods of attracting new customers, such as Grow Hacking.


Ordinary advertising has become almost invisible. Its effectiveness is the same as picking up a poster with the phrase “I am a good in bed” to go through the city in the hope that someone will be in bed with you. What are the chances of success? We know. Just 2-3%. Really small. Unfortunately, this is what most companies are doing today and trying to sell their goods and services.


According to a study, business leaders expressed their views on traditional marketing:

73% of business executives believe that marketers lack business awareness and are not the ones who grow their business (but hell they should be like that !!!).
72% of business executives agree with the statement that marketers are asking for more and more money, but rarely can explain how much money will benefit and what return (increase sales).
This situation complicates the work of marketing professionals who find it difficult to get the budget they need to implement a marketing strategy. At the same time, the managers and owners of the company are faced with a dilemma or to allocate funds for marketing actions without being able to measure their returns, but realizing that financing for successful marketing is necessary.

For example, imagine the company needs a new car for delivery. You probably wouldn’t buy a car that might go? This is how the head of the company feels when it comes to approving the marketing budget. Marketing as a future driver of a car in the company says it’s a very good choice. He has heard that as many as 61% of buyers choose such cars! It looks like a good criterion, because most do so. It is not just the driver or the company manager who knows how much of the cars sold actually goes, how much they go and how fast it happens. After all, it would be much better if you could rent that car and check if it was driving or starting to use twice as much fuel after the first thousand kilometers. And later, when you are sure everything is fine, the same checked car and buy it.

In this example, Growth Hacking is like renting a car – the benefits are predictable, the choices are not binding, and the risk is very low.

Traditional Marketing? Suitable if you can afford to buy 100 cars with the idea that about 60 of them will go and it will be good.

That is why traditional marketing agencies, without knowing what exactly will work, try to light up the match at the right place, but wherever possible in the hope of causing a fire. Leading such ignorance and guesswork, they begin to follow the patterns they try to apply to everyone alike. And you will always want to increase your marketing budget, because those possible light matches (or just opportunities) are growing more and more every year.


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